Hanya Freeze Dried Fruit Strawberry Chips 20g


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🍓 Crunchy Bliss: Hanya Freeze Dried Fruit Strawberry Chips Magic!

Step into a world where the essence of fresh strawberries is captured in its purest form. Hanya Freeze Dried Fruit Strawberry Chips edition offers a snacking experience like no other. Using advanced freeze-drying technology, we’ve transformed fresh strawberries into crunchy, bite-sized delights that burst with flavor and nutrients. It’s not just a snack; it’s a celebration of nature’s goodness, meticulously crafted for the discerning palate.

The Art of Freeze-Drying: Harnessing the power of freeze-drying, we’ve managed to:

  • Remove 98% of moisture from fresh strawberries.
  • Retain over 95% of the nutrients, ensuring a nutrient-rich, kid-friendly snack.
  • Offer a unique texture that’s both crunchy and delightful.

Why Choose Hanya’s Strawberry Chips:

🍓 Pure Goodness: 100% natural, rich in protein, and vitamins.

🚫 Nothing Artificial: No added sugar, preservatives, or artificial colors.

🌱 Health First: Gluten-free and crafted with care.

Each 20g box is thoughtfully packed with 15 individual packs, ensuring you have a delightful treat whenever the craving strikes. Proudly made in Malaysia, these chips are a testament to our commitment to quality, innovation, and taste.

For those who appreciate the authentic taste of strawberries and the joy of a crunchy snack, Hanya Freeze Dried Fruit Strawberry Chips – is the ultimate treat. Dive in and savor the future of healthy snacking!


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