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Retailer Account Opening Services

Unlocking Opportunities for Your Products


Are you a product manufacturer, distributor or supplier looking to expand your market reach? Do you dream of having your products listed and prominently displayed in well-known retail chains or establishments? Look no further! Easy Wholesaler Sdn Bhd is here to assist you with our Retailer Account Opening Services.

What We Offer In Our Retailer Account Opening Services

Our comprehensive Retailer Account Opening Services are designed to streamline the process of getting your products into the hands of eager consumers. Here’s how we can help:

  1. Evaluation Facilitation:

    • We understand that gaining initial access and establishing a strong presence necessitates thorough evaluation. Our team collaborates closely with the desired retailer to effectively showcase your company and products.
    • We highlight your unique selling points, quality standards, and market potential, ensuring that retailers take notice.
  2. Application Assistance:

    • Once you’ve decided on the retail chain or establishment where you want your products featured, we guide you through the application process.
    • Our experts ensure that all necessary paperwork is completed accurately and promptly.
  3. Application Reviews:

    • In most cases, the application may need a few rounds of reviews. Retailers often ask for changes related to product labeling, packaging, pricing strategy, and other details.
    • Easy Wholesaler Sdn Bhd is committed to working closely with you during this phase. We’ll collaborate to satisfy the retailer’s requirements and ensure a successful application.
  4. Registration and Account Opening:

    • Congratulations! Your application has been approved. Now what? We’ve got you covered.
    • Easy Wholesaler Sdn Bhd assists in the registration process and facilitates the account opening. This step is crucial for seamless collaboration with the retailer.
  5. Market Access:

    • With your account set up, you’re ready to showcase your products to a wider audience.
    • We help you navigate the retailer’s platform, ensuring that your products are visible, accessible, and ready for purchase.

Retailer Account Opening Services in Malaysia

Benefits of Partnering with Easy Wholesaler

  • Expertise: Our team has extensive experience in the industry. We know what retailers look for and how to position your brand effectively.
  • Time Savings: Let us handle the administrative tasks while you focus on product development and growth.
  • Increased Visibility: Being part of a reputable retail chain boosts your credibility and exposes your products to a larger customer base.
  • Sales Opportunities: A well-executed account opening can lead to increased sales and repeat business.


At Easy Wholesaler Sdn Bhd, we believe that every product deserves a chance to shine. Let us be your bridge to success. Contact us today to explore our Retailer Account Opening Services and take your products to new heights!

Remember, success lies in collaboration. Partner with Easy Wholesaler Sdn Bhd, and let’s unlock opportunities together! 🚀🛒

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