CV Mickie Strawberry Convi Pack


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🍓🍿 CV Mickie Strawberry Convi Pack: A Sweet and Fruity Snack 🍿🍓

Are you looking for a snack that is both sweet and fruity? Look no further than CV Mickie Strawberry Convi Pack! This delicious snack is perfect for anyone who loves the taste of strawberries and wants a quick and easy snack to enjoy on the go.

👉 Product Introduction

CV Mickie Strawberry Convi Pack is a crispy and delicious snack that is perfect for any time of day. Whether you are looking for a quick snack to enjoy on the go or a tasty treat to share with friends, this snack is sure to satisfy your cravings.

👉 Flavor

  • Strawberry Flavor

👉 Product Details

  • Product Name: CV Mickie Strawberry Convi Pack
  • Size: 26g x 6 packs
  • Product of Malaysia
  • Allergen Information: Contains Corn, Milk, and Soy Products
  • Halal Certified

Each pack of CV Mickie Strawberry Convi Pack contains 6 individually wrapped strawberry-flavored corn snacks, each weighing 26g. The snacks are small and bite-sized, making them easy to eat on the go. The strawberry flavor is sweet and fruity, with a hint of creaminess from the milk powder. The snacks are crispy and crunchy, with a slightly oily texture.

CV Mickie Strawberry Convi Pack is a popular snack in Malaysia. It is often eaten as a snack or dessert, or as a party favor. It is also a popular choice for children’s snacks. Try it today and experience the delicious taste of strawberries in every bite!

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