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PEZ Collection: The Iconic Candy Collection

Introduction: The Timeless Appeal of PEZ Collection

PEZ, a name that resonates with sweet memories and playful moments, has been a cherished candy dispenser for generations. With its unique character heads and flavorful candy refills, PEZ has carved a special place in the hearts of both young and old. YLF, always at the forefront of offering delightful treats, proudly presents an extensive range of PEZ collections that promise to rekindle those fond memories.

PEZ Collection 44 CatsThe PEZ Collections

  1. 44 Cats: For the feline aficionados, this collection brings the world of 44 Cats right into your pocket.
  2. Angry Birds: Channel the thrill of the Angry Birds saga with these themed PEZ dispensers. A playful treat for fans of all ages.
  3. Avengers: Celebrate the superhero universe with the Avengers PEZ collection. Assemble your squad and savor the flavors.
  4. Barbie: Step into the glamorous world of Barbie. A delightful nod to the iconic fashion doll.
  5. Bee: A buzz-worthy collection that pays tribute to the enchanting world of bees.
  6. Best Of Nickelodeon: Relive the golden era of Nickelodeon with characters that defined a generation.
  7. Best Of Pixar: Embark on a flavorful adventure with beloved Pixar characters, from the adventurous to the whimsical.
  8. PEZ Blaze: Ignite your imagination with the fiery and adventurous Blaze-themed PEZ.
  9. PEZ Care Bears: Relive the magic of Care-a-Lot with these heartwarming Care Bears PEZ.
  10. PEZ Cars: Speed into the world of Radiator Springs with these Cars-inspired PEZ dispensers.
  11. PEZ Despicable Me: Join Gru and his Minions on a mischievous journey with these PEZ treats.
  12. PEZ Disney Animals: Celebrate the wild side of Disney with these animal-themed PEZ delights.
  13. PEZ Disney Assorted: Dive into the enchanting world of Disney with this assorted collection of character PEZ.
  14. PEZ Doraemon: Step into the futuristic world of Doraemon and friends with these PEZ dispensers.
  15. PEZ Dragons: Embark on a mythical journey with these dragon-inspired PEZ treats.
  16. PEZ Easter: Celebrate the joy of Easter with these festive PEZ dispensers.
  17. PEZ Finding Dory: Dive deep into the ocean with Dory and friends with these PEZ candies.
  18. PEZ Fireman Sam: Join Sam on his heroic adventures with these Fireman Sam-themed PEZ.
  19. PEZ Frozen: Experience the magic of Arendelle with these Frozen-inspired PEZ treats.
  20. PEZ HARRY POTTER: Step into the wizarding world with these Harry Potter PEZ dispensers.
  21. PEZ Hello Kitty Bee: Buzz into sweetness with the Hello Kitty Bee-themed PEZ.
  22. PEZ Hello Kitty Dog Friend: Celebrate friendship with Hello Kitty and her dog friend in this PEZ collection.
  23. PEZ Hello Kitty Llama: Join Hello Kitty on a whimsical adventure with her llama-themed PEZ.
  24. PEZ Hello Kitty Mermaid: Dive into fantasy with the mermaid-inspired Hello Kitty PEZ.
  25. PEZ Hello Kitty Nerdy: Celebrate the joy of learning with the nerdy Hello Kitty PEZ.
  26. PEZ Jurassic World: Embark on a prehistoric journey with these Jurassic World PEZ candies.
  27. PEZ Justice League: Assemble with the heroes of the Justice League with these PEZ treats.
  28. PEZ Lightyear: Blast off to infinity and beyond with the Buzz Lightyear-themed PEZ.
  29. PEZ LOL Surprise: Dive into the world of surprises with these LOL-themed PEZ dispensers.
  30. PEZ Marvel: Celebrate the Marvel universe with these superhero-inspired PEZ candies.
  31. PEZ Masha and the Bear: Relive the playful tales of Masha and the Bear with these PEZ treats.
  32. PEZ Mickey & Friends: Join Mickey and his pals on a delightful journey with these PEZ dispensers.
  33. PEZ Mickey & Minnie Stylish: Celebrate the timeless style of Mickey and Minnie with these chic PEZ.
  34. PEZ Mickey & Minnie Xmas: Dive into the festive spirit with the Christmas-themed Mickey and Minnie PEZ.
  35. PEZ Micky House Club: Join the fun at Mickey’s clubhouse with these PEZ treats.
  36. PEZ Minions: Embark on a mischievous adventure with the Minions-themed PEZ.
  37. PEZ My Little Pony: Gallop into the magical world of Equestria with these My Little Pony PEZ.
  38. PEZ Nintendo: Level up your PEZ collection with these Nintendo-themed treats.
  39. PEZ Paw Patrol: Join the pups on their rescue missions with these Paw Patrol PEZ.
  40. PEZ PEZimals: Celebrate the animal kingdom with these adorable PEZimals.
  41. PEZ PezMojis: Express yourself with these fun and quirky PezMojis.
  42. PEZ PJ Mask: Embark on nighttime adventures with the PJ Masks-themed PEZ.
  43. PEZ Pokemon: Catch all the flavors with these Pokemon-inspired PEZ treats.
  44. PEZ Princess: Celebrate royalty with these Disney Princess PEZ dispensers.
  45. PEZ Scooby Doo: Solve mysteries with Scooby and the gang with these PEZ candies.
  46. PEZ Shimmer & Shine: Dive into a world of magic and wishes with these Shimmer & Shine PEZ.
  47. PEZ Shopkins: Shop for sweetness with these Shopkins-themed PEZ treats.
  48. PEZ Smurfs: Join the blue crew on their adventures with these Smurfs PEZ.
  49. PEZ Sonic: Speed into the world of Sonic with these fast and flavorful PEZ.
  50. PEZ Spiderman: Swing into action with the Spiderman-themed PEZ.
  51. PEZ Star Wars: Embark on a galactic journey with these Star Wars PEZ candies.
  52. PEZ Super Hero Girls: Celebrate girl power with these Super Hero Girls PEZ.
  53. PEZ Super Wings: Take to the skies with these Super Wings-themed PEZ.
  54. PEZ Team Mickey & Minnie: Celebrate teamwork with the dynamic duo of Mickey and Minnie in this PEZ collection.
  55. PEZ The Grinch: Dive into the festive spirit with a twist with these Grinch-themed PEZ.
  56. PEZ Tom And Jerry: Relive the classic cat and mouse chase with these Tom and Jerry PEZ.
  57. PEZ Toy Story: Embark on a toy-tastic adventure with these Toy Story PEZ.
  58. PEZ Transformer: Transform your PEZ collection with these Transformer-themed treats.
  59. PEZ Trolls: Dance to the beat of happiness with these Trolls PEZ.
  60. PEZ Winnie The Pooh: Dive into the Hundred Acre Wood with these Winnie the Pooh PEZ.
  61. PEZ Yo Kai Watch: Step into the supernatural world of Yo Kai with these PEZ candies.
  62. PEZ Angry Birds Bag: Experience the thrill of Angry Birds in a delightful PEZ bag collection.
  63. PEZ Blister 6-Pack Refill Fruit Play: Refill your PEZ dispensers with these fruity and playful candy packs.
  64. PEZ Despicable Me Bag: Dive into mischief with this Despicable Me PEZ bag collection.
  65. PEZ Harry Potter Bag: Experience the magic of Hogwarts with this Harry Potter PEZ bag.
  66. PEZ Hello Kitty Bee Bag: Buzz into sweetness with this Hello Kitty Bee PEZ bag.
  67. PEZ Jurassic World Bag: Embark on a prehistoric journey with this Jurassic World PEZ bag.
  68. PEZ LOL Surprise Bag: Unwrap surprises with this LOL-themed PEZ bag.
  69. PEZ Minions Bag: Dive into mischief with this Minions PEZ bag collection.
  70. PEZ Miraculous Bag: Experience the magic of Miraculous Ladybug with this PEZ bag.
  71. PEZ My Little Pony Bag: Gallop into sweetness with this My Little Pony PEZ
  72. PEZ Nintendo Bag: Power-up your candy game with this Nintendo-themed PEZ bag.

  73. PEZ Paw Patrol Bag: Embark on sweet rescue missions with this Paw Patrol PEZ bag collection.
  74. PEZ Pj Mask Bag: Embark on nighttime candy adventures with this PJ Masks PEZ bag.
  75. PEZ Princess Bag: Relive royal tales with this Disney Princess PEZ bag collection.
  76. PEZ Transformers Bag: Transform your candy experience with this Transformers PEZ bag.
  77. PEZ Trolls Bag: Dance and sing along with the vibrant Trolls in this PEZ bag collection.
  78. PEZ Winnie The Pooh Bag: Dive into the honey-filled world of Winnie the Pooh with this PEZ bag.
  79. PEZ Yo Kai Watch Bag: Experience the mystical world of Yo Kai with this PEZ bag collection.

PEZ Collection PixarPEZ: More Than Just Candy

PEZ is not just a candy; it’s a cultural phenomenon. It represents shared experiences, childhood playtimes, and the simple joys of life. With YLF’s diverse PEZ collection, you can revisit those moments or introduce them to a new generation. Whether you’re a collector, a nostalgic adult, or a young enthusiast, this PEZ range promises to delight and surprise.

Collaborate with Easy Wholesaler Sdn Bhd

As an authorized distributor for the PEZ range under the prestigious YLF brand, Easy Wholesaler Sdn Bhd is committed to bringing you the authentic PEZ experience. We understand the legacy and charm of PEZ, and we ensure that every dispenser and candy you receive from us is of the highest quality.

For businesses and individuals keen on purchasing or selling the PEZ range, we welcome you to collaborate with us. At Easy Wholesaler Sdn Bhd, our focus is on fostering lasting partnerships, providing top-notch products, and ensuring unparalleled support. If you’re captivated by the world of PEZ and wish to be a part of its legacy, reach out to us. Together, we can continue the PEZ tradition.

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